Sam Rega is a director, producer and editor in New York City.

He's currently in post-production on his latest documentary, "Breaking the Bee." The film chronicles the ups and downs of four Indian-American students, ages 7 to 14, as they compete to realize their dream of winning the Scripps National Spelling Bee and cement their place in the two-decade dynasty of Indian-Americans dominating the iconic competition.

In 2016, he directed the documentary “League of Millions” for Business Insider. The film follows a team of professional video game players in their quest for a world championship. He spent three years at Business Insider producing digital news stories.

Prior to moving to New York City, he spent four years with rakontur, the Miami studio known for the “Cocaine Cowboys” documentary series from Billy Corben and Alfred Spellman. He edited the New York City nightclub documentary “Limelight,” the Netflix hit, “Dawg Fight,” that explores the underground boxing scene in Miami as well the VH1 mini-series, “The Tanning of America,” exploring how hip-hop changed our country.

He made his directorial debut in 2008 with “Miami Noir: The Arthur E. Teele Story,” appearing on PBS. It’s an investigation into the suicide of Miami politician Arthur E. Teele. Sam grew up in Cape May Point, New Jersey and Sarasota, Florida. He’s a proud alumnus of the University of Miami.